50-Minute Consultation With Robert A. Green, CPA




Consider a 50-minute consultation with Robert A. Green, CPA, to get answers to your trader tax questions. Mr. Green will evaluate your eligibility for trader tax status (TTS), discuss wash sales and a Section 475 election, entities, employee benefits (health and retirement), and other trader tax issues.

Many traders are interested in forming an entity, and our trader entity tax strategies require TTS as a starting point. With TTS, the entity can deduct business, start-up, organization, and home office expenses and elect Section 475 MTM. An S-Corp is necessary to arrange the owners’ health and retirement plan deductions. An LLC/partnership helps ring-fence trading positions vs. investments to strengthen TTS and safely use Section 475. The SALT cap workaround strategy allows pass-through entities (partnerships and S-Corps) to save taxes.

How the consultation works

After purchasing this service, see the Download PDF and or email receipt. Click that pdf file for instructions, including links to Robert A. Green’s online calendar scheduling a time at your convenience.

Mr. Green’s consultations cover:

  • Assess eligibility for trader tax status (TTS).
  • Determine whether you should elect Section 475 MTM ordinary gain or loss treatment for exemption from WS and the capital loss limitation and an opportunity for the 20% QBI deduction on 475 net income.
  • Determine whether an entity is valuable and the best structure for your needs.
  • TTS traders can arrange health insurance and retirement plan deductions using an S-Corp.
  • Does the trader benefit from ring-fencing TTS and Section 475 on securities in an entity?
  • SALT cap workaround strategy using a TTS LLC/partnership or S-Corp to avoid the SALT cap on itemized deductions.

After the 50-minute consultation, Mr. Green will email you a memo with our tax plan and suggested next steps. Phone time will be up to 45 minutes, and he will spend 5 minutes preparing the email plan.